Weekly Photo Challenge

Throughout 2012, I am taking part in WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Each week, a topic is set by the WordPress team (this could be based on a theme, a concept or a photographic technique), and bloggers have a week in which to post their responses. Many of the respondents are awfully good photographers: if they aren’t professionals, I suspect they should be. Others, like me, are enthusiastic amateurs.

A number of people have asked me if I get any sort of prize for taking for taking part in this challenge. Well, no, there’s no prize. Not in any concrete terms, at any rate. Without wishing to sound saccharine, though, my reward is the fact that other people actually look at and enjoy these pictures. I don’t have any training in photography (though I’d love to take a course someday), and I know that sometimes I mess up and take a rather boring image. Sometimes, though, I’m quite proud of what I’ve managed to produce, and it’s very encouraging to know that somebody else, generally a complete stranger, thought it was pretty ok too. I do hope you enjoy the pictures, and are kind enough to overlook the howlers: I’m still learning, and you can only improve by trying again and failing better.

My photos are usually taken with a Canon EOS 60D with an 18-135mm lens, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W310 or, if I’m caught without any other camera, on my iPhone 3GS. Some of the older pictures, from way back in the photographic archives, are taken with a Kodak CX7330 or a Pentax *ist DL (which I unfortunately managed to kill in spectacular, irreparable and inexplicable fashion).

You can find my entries for the challenge by searching for posts tagged “postaday” or “postaweek2012” (I was a bit confused as to which tag I should be using in the beginning), or by clicking here.


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