Half a year of Ronan

Poor Snuggly Jeff suffers rather badly from Second Child Syndrome: he hasn’t had a lot of update posts, and indeed, for the first few months of his life, I had enormous trouble remembering whether he was born on the tenth or the eleventh of March (FYI, past-self: it’s the eleventh). What can I say? I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep at the time, and things like precise record-keeping go somewhat out of the window under those circumstances. Now, though, we are all coming out of the fug, and we’re all feeling inclined to celebrate six months with the small dude.

Ronan has grown up a lot in the last while. He’s developing a proper little character: he loves swimming, avocados, mirrors, picture books, toast with marmite (just a scraping), and, somewhat inexplicably, Kate Bush (but emphatically not “Wuthering Heights”). Despite never having tried any, he’s absolutely obsessed with cake, and will try to climb into the plate if he sees any. He’s also desperately fond of his older brother: Eoin can make him smile even when he is at his most grumpy, and both boys absolutely light up in each other’s company.

I had such a lot of fear when I was expecting Ronan: I was terrified of another difficult birth and another extended bout of PND. Nothing could have been further from what actually happened: a calm, well-managed birth, and a chilled-out, relaxed, happy baby. We are very lucky to have him, and I only hope the next six months are as good as these. Happy half-birthday, little Snug: we are all very, very glad you’re here.



8 thoughts on “Half a year of Ronan

  1. Oh Lorna, reading this just makes me happy 🙂 I am so glad for you that things have turned out this way and am sending you so much love xxx

  2. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Lovely lovely snuggly Jeff. He’s going to be so confused when he’s 30 and getting married and all these mad ladies from the internet are going ‘I remember when you didn’t even know about cake Jeff!!’ and he’s all ‘Lady, my name is Ronan. RONAN. You’ve known me since I wasn’t even one, remember?’

    Must come and pay a visit soon – or our door is ALWAYS open. I’ve hardly any valuable things either so they can knock stuff over to their hearts’ contents.

    • My dad calls him Geoffrey as a joke, and Eoin inevitably replies, “Nobody calls me Geoffrey! I’m the Dude, man!” We’re going to take him bowling really soon…

  3. What a marvellous post. And so familiar (including the sad fact that second kids just don’t get as many pictures, never mind blog post). I’m thrilled to hear that the boys are enjoying each other so much – just like my two! It’s the BEST THING EVER. Wait till he’s on his feet and running round after big brother, chasing him for hugs.

    My Dude and yours will have to go bowling together one day… just on principle. (Although mostly we call him Cuddlebun. Because he just is.)

    • That’s a very reasonable thing to call any small person! Our small Dude is also known as Snuggly, The Snug, Sir Nug, and a wide range of variants on that theme. I’m training him to bowl as soon as possible, though the White Russians will have to wait until he’s older….

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