Giveaway time: it’s the fabulous Elfbaby Hat!

I’m very excited to be able to offer a second giveaway: it’s another gorgeous hat, but this time it’s one primarily intended for the small people in your life. Robynn Weldon is the creator of several lovely patterns for babies and children; the Elfbaby hat is her newest design (you can read more about its genesis here), and, as you can see from this picture of Ronan, it automatically makes any baby wearing at least 50% cuter than normal.

Ronan being cute, in Pixi

Elfbaby is a pixie-style hat, with a long point and a choice of three decorative borders: Pixi, Pippi and Pumuckl. Robynn was kind enough to ask me to test-knit the pattern, and, being in the nesting stage of pregnancy at that point, I whizzed through two of the possible border patterns in record time (you can see the third, Pippi, on Robynn’s blog, here).

The pattern is sized all the way from newborn to adult: it looks adorable on babies, as you can see, but that needn’t stop you whipping up a larger size for yourself. It’s worked in sock-weight yarn, so it’s toasty-warm while still being small enough to squish handily into a pocket. It’s also a great way to use skeins of variegated sock yarn (if you’re anything like me, your sock yarn stash probably multiplies like Tribbles).

You can buy the Elfbaby hat pattern through Ravelry (there’s a 50% discount until the end of August if you enter the the code ONLY5YEARS at checkout), but Robynn has very kindly offered me a copy of the pattern to give away to a reader of this blog (come on, I know there’s at least half a dozen of you!): all you need to do is leave me a comment to say which version of the hat you would knit first, and for whom. A week from today, I’ll pick a winning comment at random. So, get your thinking caps on, and good luck!


8 thoughts on “Giveaway time: it’s the fabulous Elfbaby Hat!

  1. This hat is adorable! I don’t knit, but my sister is a wonderful knitter and crafter of all varieties. I would like to bend the competition rules a little as I would like my sister to knit this pattern (or perhaps heavily guide me and correct all my mistakes!) for a special someone due in February. All the patterns are fab, but I am taken with Pumuckl. Ronan is a wonderful model — super cute!

    Grrat blog BTW. I’ll tell my sister about it. 🙂

  2. LOVE this! My friends are reproducing like it’s going out of fashion, so I’ll have heaps of opportunity to knit all 3 variants. However, my OH often complains I never knit him anything for Christmas, so I’d probably have to start with an adult-sized one (Pumuckl, I think) to make him look like a Christmas elf!

  3. I wouldn’t knit it myself as any knitting i do looks like I an using whittled 2x4s as needles but my wife knits like she’s a knitwit. We have a friend who is doing the 2 big stress producers in a couple of months (wedding, sprog production) so while i’m researching floriography the trouble & strife is knitting booties & oneses and the pixie hat with the “floppy” border would be a cute addition to the set

  4. I would knit a baby version, in pixi, for one of the many people I know about to have a newborn. Mostly because pixi is the cutest name, and I’d make it a bit big so it’d be winter-warm.

  5. I absolutely love the Pippi in the top right photo of the set of four. Perhaps I would knit it for Noah, or perhaps I would try to make *myself* 50% cuter and knit the adult size lol!

  6. What a cute hat and the cutest babies! I love the pumuckl version, and will knit it for Daphne as she loves a hat. It is one of her first words.

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