Spotted: possibly the best thing ever.

I dropped Eoin off at the childminder’s house this morning, and, before I went home and started work, I went for a walk. It was a beautiful morning, I had got my good camera back over the weekend… Surely there would be a few good opportunities for photographs?

I wasn’t wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present: Penarth Dalek!

Exterminate! He (I’m making the massive assumption here that Daleks are male, largely based on the voice) is in somebody’s front garden up near Belle Vue Park, and he’s pretty spectacular. I’m not sure if he’s left over from Halloween, or if he’s some sort of scarecrow, designed to deter the real thing. Either way: he’s a Dalek in the front garden of a regular terraced house, and that’s something to celebrate.

I think he’s mostly made out of a compost bin, with quite a lot of plastic cups for his various nodules and lights. The only small design flaw is that his plunger attachment appears, inexplicably, to have been replaced with a small mop, but I suppose we can allow this to slide. After all, you can see that his egg-whisk-style laser is made from an actual egg whisk. Happy day!

If you will not be exterminated, you will be whisked!Well done, Dalek builder: I am sure you have made a lot of people very happy.

PS: I’ve just realised this is my 200th post: hurrah! I didn’t think I’d get this far. Clearly, I owe it all to Daleks,

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