The end of an era

Today, Eoin had his first official haircut (me following him around the house with a pair of kitchen scissors, hacking chunks off his mullet, doesn’t count, I’m afraid).

He was pretty brave about it, considering that he had to sit still (not a popular activity with him) and let a strange lady wave some sharp things around near his ears, where he couldn’t really see what she was doing. He looks terribly grown up now with all his curls gone, and I have to confess I’m wondering if I should have jumped into the realm of the short back and sides this early. Fortunately, I took a few pictures of him before the deed was done: he looks a tiny bit 70s-ish in this one, but I think he’s lovely.


I do miss those curls, though.


2 thoughts on “The end of an era

    • Thank you! He looks a bit thoughtful here, but I think the only thing on his mind is where the next lot of fish and chips is coming from (we were at my parents’ house at the time)…

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