At the beach

After numerous recommendations, we went to Southerndown beach for the first time a couple of weeks ago. If you’re in the Vale, and you haven’t been to Southerndown yet, I’d suggest you drop what you’re doing, pack a picnic, and head over there post-haste. It’s really, really lovely.

If you’re looking for lunch, stop off at The Pelican in her Piety on the way: the food is delicious, and the pub itself is opposite the ruins of Ogmore castle (great for exploring), a river with some rather exciting and precarious stepping stones, and a field housing these rather fine fellows:

þæt hors bíteþ man. Possibly.  At the beach itself, you can indulge in as much Doctor Who location spotting as a single stretch of sand can reasonably afford (surprisingly, rather a lot: the Who team evidently love filming at Southerndown), paddle, forage for seaweed, eat cake while dangling your toes in a lovely warm rock pool, and generally have a marvellous time.

If you’re Eoin, you can gaze wistfully after the passing surfers, and wonder how old you have to be before you can get up on a board yourself.

Eoin at Dunraven BayThis is going to be the first of many visits: we’re really awfully lucky to have a place like this on our doorstep.


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