Wilfred felt a little intimidated by the new arrival.

wilfred intimidatedStephen has pointed out that, while the meaning of this photograph might be clear to me, it could be a bit opaque to everyone else.

The new arrival (foreground, slightly soft-focus) is Babbage, the Raspberry Pi bear, who was given to Eoin by Liz and Eben last time they visited us. Given his background, I thought he might be a rather technical sort of bear, given to illicit episodes of coding while the humans were out of the room. Wilfred (to the rear, nervously reading a paperback volume on Electronics for Elephants) is, of course, just a small stuffed elephant, and is generally better at cuddling, getting muddy, and tripping people up than at pulling off complex feats of software engineering. Eoin loves them both, of course, but I couldn’t help wondering whether Wilfred felt a little threatened by his technically-aware colleague in the toy box. The photo is my idea of what they might be getting up to when we aren’t looking.

As you can see from the front of Wilfred’s book, I only have the haziest idea of what a circuit board actually looks like. You can’t see what Babbage is doing from this angle, but I’d like to think he’s playing Minecraft.



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