Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

About this time last year, we discovered we had bats living in our roof: I think we eventually counted something in the region of 60 bats making their way out from under our eaves in a night.

This year, the bats are back, and we are very happy to see them, even though so far the count is only in the early 40s. We think they are probably common-or-garden pipistrelles, as they appear to be living in the tight spaces behind the barge boards of the house. Contrary to all the bat myths out there, they have been no bother at all, and we are rather honoured to be sharing our house with them.

Tonight, we set up the camera with the macro lens and the tripod, and, after a lot of struggling and cursing (on my part) and patient fixing of the tripod (on Stephen’s), we managed to catch one of the bats leaving her roost for a night’s hunting.

bat1 bat2bat3bat4These photos certainly won’t win any prizes for nature photography, I know, but they are better than I managed last year, and I’m pleased that, not only did we catch her in the act of emerging, we also got a view of some tiny batty ears in the second picture.

I’m off to bed, hoping to sleep sound in the knowledge that the bats are hunting down the midges, mosquitoes and other nasty bitey creatures of the night. Good luck to them!


2 thoughts on “Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

  1. I sat in my yard one twilight, no mosquitoes at all, watching the awesome aerodynamics of a bat. They are fascinating. I’m grateful for bug-eaters of all varieties. 🙂

    • They are lovely, aren’t they? We also saw some enormous bats last night: I don’t think they came from under our roof, though…

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