Eep! Photomarathon update…

So, this evening, Stephen, Eoin and I trolled off to the opening evening of the 2013 Cardiff Photomarathon exhibition: as an entrant, I was invited along with over 400 others to be among the first to admire some amazing photographs, applaud the winners, and, let’s be honest, search desperately for our own images in a very full gallery. I didn’t honestly have great hopes of success, but I was looking forward to seeing my pictures in a proper exhibition, and maybe, just maybe, getting some sort of sign that I hadn’t made a terrible hash of the whole business.

We found my pictures in the throng, and I was amazed to see that four of my photos had been shortlisted for different topics. These are the first three (I’m glad that Eoin made it into two of the shortlists!):

shortlisted 2013I’m kind of amazed about the fingerpainty splodge, but I did like the pictures of Eoin chasing the kite and pinching the cake, so I was immensely chuffed to think that the judges had enjoyed them too.

What about the fourth one? We were pottering around the exhibition, admiring the entries, when Stephen dug me in the ribs, and said, “Hey, look at those enlargements on the wall: someone took the same photograph that you did!”. It’s a measure of how thick I am that I commented: “Wow, they must have had the same trouble framing the shot that I did…” before I realised that it was actually my picture. I may not have won anything, but I was one of the runners up, and had placed in the top five out of over 400 for one of the topic categories! This was the almost-but-not-quite winning entry, on the theme of “Mixed message”:

Mixed message

Not only was I blown away by the fact that I had got this far, but I was also really pleased that this photo had been a real team effort: Stephen had spotted the conflicting signs, and Eoin… well, it was about 7pm by this point, and Eoin had been gracious enough to let me take several shots before he went completely ballistic.

All in all, it was a great experience: we all had an amazing time, we got to see one friend make an inspirational speech and I was extremely pleased that another friend actually won one of the topic prizes. The Photomarathon was such a lot of fun: I can’t wait to do it again next year. I promise, though, that I’ll actually read up a bit on how to use my camera beforehand: I might stand a chance of doing better if I have a smidge more technical ability!

If you’re hanging about in Cardiff, and you want to see some really fantastic pictures (and my snaps), head over to the 1st floor Gallery at the Cardiff Story, on the Hayes in Central Cardiff. The exhibition opens tomorrow, and will be open until the 7th of July.


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