Busy busy busy

I realise that posts have been few in number recently, the reason being that I have been particularly busy at work at a time when Eoin has conveniently decided to stop napping. When you work from home and have limited childcare, those naps are invaluable: I haven’t quite figured out a strategy for fitting everything in while keeping Eoin happy and busy, but when I do things will be back on track.

In the meantime, here’s my current knitting project, an Elfin hat in a larger size for a friend’s little girl. It’s knitted in Manos Maxima, a fabulously soft fairtrade merino which, in this colourway, is basically like knitting with spring:


As if that wasn’t cheering enough, my project bag (from Old Maiden Aunt) has a seal on it:


Seals are guaranteed to improve your knitting experience: trust me.


2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. I realise this is probably going to draw hollow laughter – and apologies if so – but have you tried convincing Eoin to have “quiet time” if he can’t sleep? I know, I know, what are the chances… but to my very great surprise, Elfling has bought into this quite happily. (Probably helped by the nursery/preschool “nap” schedule, which sees precisely none of the older kids actually sleeping, but they have to lie down anyway.) I put her to bed, draw the blinds, play sleepy music, and set the Gro Clock. She doesn’t have to sleep, but she does have to rest. Sometimes, I hear her bouncing around/singing/talking to her dolls, quite clearly not even trying to rest… but frankly? She’s out of my hair. It’s all good.
    It is only a recent development, though. I know when she was younger there was no chance this would have worked. But still – maybe worth a shot.

    • That’s actually a really good idea: we did do something like this the other day, when I was quite poorly and I explained to him that, even if he didn’t need to sleep, Mummy did! He definitely still needs a rest at this stage: we’ll go a few days with no naps, by which point he’ll be absolutely beside himself by late morning. At this point, he’ll usually crash for a couple of hours, and I won’t know what to do with myself. I might try to institute the concept of quiet time over the next few weeks: maybe I could win him over by calling it a siesta? 🙂

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