Stormy: Literally, not Metaphorically

Yesterday’s was a bit of a venty post: I’m sorry to have offloaded on the world in general like that. I find that, if I don’t articulate things which have been preying on my mind, they just fester away and I feel worse. Getting things out in the open really seems to help, although I appreciate that, to an outsider, it may look very much the opposite. Regularly-scheduled nonsense will be back soon. In the meantime, this is how the beach was looking this morning:


Stormy sea 1All drama today is, thankfully,  courtesy of Mother Nature.


3 thoughts on “Stormy: Literally, not Metaphorically

  1. I can almost hear the waves crash as I look at those fabulous photos. Venting is good (a friend and I often spend the bus journey venting; a good vent can put the day back on track).

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