Two years and counting

Eoin's birthdayEoin’s second birthday involved all sorts of delights: presents (naturally), a morning in Cafe Junior with his friend Aurora, an unexpected trip to the Volkswagen garage where he got to admire all sorts of Ikea-cars in the wild, cake, neeps for tea, more cake… Barring the point where he tried to ingest Colin the Caterpillar (above) in his entirety, he has really been pretty moderate: there haven’t been too many teary interludes, and all in all it has been a lovely day. We toasted 4.46pm (the anniversary of him arriving, Superman-fashion with one fist in the air, through the biological sunroof) with tea and cake, and he seemed suitably impressed.

Happy birthday, little sausage: may there be many more like this one.


Mammy xx


6 thoughts on “Two years and counting

  1. Thank you all for the good wishes! Eoin is rather prostrated by excessive consumption of cake, but he sends his (somewhat sticky) thanks 🙂

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