So, Snowmageddon™ didn’t entirely happen in Penarth: I understand it’s a different story in the Valleys, where they are further from the sea and therefore have Proper Weather, but here, everything is pretty much a mess of melty slush and the occasional icicle. Thank heavens the weather wasn’t too bad, though, as Eoin really did not like the snow. After some initial manifestations of interest, I took him out into the back garden for a little light snowballing. I was merrily prancing around, making snow angels and generally frolicking in our own little winter wonderland. Eoin, however, made it onto the lawn, and then stood rooted to the spot, massively suspicious and having apparently having forgotten how his legs worked. All encouragement to enjoy the snow failed, and, in the end, I had to carry him inside and ply him with hot chocolate before he cheered up.

Mind you, the brief snowy interlude did enable me to take a few pictures in which Penarth appeared to have been transformed into Penarnia. We even had a snowy lamp-post (with a slightly spooky halo to it):

The lamp-postThe carved wooden eagle in Alexandra Park looked decidedly forbidding, with his cap of snow:

Snowy eagleAs for the sea… Well, you wouldn’t want to go for a paddle, would you?


Apparently more snow is due in the next couple of days: I can only hope that Eoin is more reconciled to it this time.


2 thoughts on “Bracing

    • Thank you! I know the last one is a bit something-and-nothing, but there was no way I was going down onto the beach in search of something better in all the snow 😀

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