Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Before you judge me on the quality of this week’s image, bear in mind that I’m working with just my iPhone and a rather sporadic Internet connection: sadly I couldn’t fit my lovely DSLR into my carry-on bag along with the clothes and yarn necessary for an unexpected but very welcome trip to Turkey. We are, however, staying in a fabulously geometric hotel (it was described yesterday as looking like a Soviet-era Black Sea holiday resort, but clean), which has left me spoilt for choice in terms of subjects. With that in mind, please remember that this week’s image is the best I can manage with with a mere 3 megapixels and a handful of editing apps. I hope I’ve managed to find something pleasantly abstract, though.

To be honest, the really obscene thing about this picture is not the resolution, but that it was taken in blazing sunshine and 24 degree heat in the middle of November. Somehow, I think that going back to Cardiff might be a bit of a shock to the system.


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