It was a year ago today that I decided to dip a tentative toe back into the world of blogging: after the rather ignominious end of my first blog, all those years ago, I wasn’t entirely sure how successful this second venture would be. 365 days on, with several recipes, crafty projects and emotional moments under my belt, not to mention about eleventy billion pictures of Eoin, I can still hardly believe that I’ve managed to keep writing for a whole year, but I’m awfully glad I did. I know I’ve enjoyed it, and I hope you have too. In honour of the occasion, and to mark what is also my 150th post, here’s a celebratory cake or two, complete with jelly camel topping.

Back in the days of Biographia Literaria, I know it used to be traditional to invite readers to de-lurk on your blogiversary. I don’t know if that still holds, and I’ll probably be mortified if it turns out I’m just talking to myself, but please do say hello if you’d like to.

Thank you all for reading: I hope that this is the first of many anniversaries x


15 thoughts on “Anniversary!

  1. Congrats!!!! And Happy Anniversay to and to us readers – we have kept reading for a whole year, too ! (I may not comment much but I do read).

  2. Hello, and congratulations! Your blog is very inspiring, and if I weren’t such an entrneched procrastinator I might have taken a leaf out of your book/blog page.

  3. Gosh, 150 posts in a year? Not bad going at all, at all, and a salutary reminder that my feeble wibbling about “not having time” to blog “because I have a toddler”* really is feeble.

    Go you! And keep going. Please. Many happy returns. 🙂
    * Preschooler, really, so even less excuse

    • It makes it a bit more reasonable if you remember that a lot of them are basically just photographs of Eoin! Also, bear in mind that I am very, very lax when it comes to the ironing…

  4. Congratulations! Goodness, has it only been a year?! I mean that in a nice way of course. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better over the blogosphere than I ever managed in all the years we were in Cambridge. And 150 posts. Wow. Keep them, and all the pictures of Eoin, coming please!

    • Only a year, but plenty of waffle! The blogosphere is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? If I can guarantee one thing for the next year, it’s that there will be a lot more Eoin here. Intelligent content: hmm, maybe. Eoin: definitely!

  5. Belatedly catching up with the blog as procrastination from exam-setting…. really miss you Lorna! Shall we skype soon? H x

    • Yes, indeed: I tend to be around most evenings, or at odd times early in the morning. I’ll make sure I’m visible.

      I hope you’re not too stressed with the examining: bon courage, or whatever the Greek equivalent would be! xx

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