Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

There were a lot of things I could have photographed for this challenge, and this is in itself a very cheering realisation. A few months ago, I’d have had a hard time coming up with one photo on the theme of happiness, let alone a whole gallery, as that emotion was proving to be rather elusive. As it is, I’m now in the fortunate position that I’ve actually missed things out, partly because I couldn’t get an image with which I was satisfied, but also because the gallery was in danger of becoming too long. So, without further ado, here is my gallery of happy things:

From top to bottom left to right, this is what I photographed and why:

  1. Tulips in the sun in Cowbridge: tulips are one of my favourite flowers, and coming across these lovely blooms just outside Happy Days, the rather appropriately-named vintage store, just made me smile.
  2. My latest utility china find: a tureen in J & G Meakin’s Glamour style in the Celeste colourway. Not only does utility china make me happy in and of itself (it’s those seasidey pastel colours that do it), but I had very little blue in my collection, so I was delighted to spot in a charity shop for a mere £3, and balance out my colour palette while giving some money to a good cause.
  3. Fresh coffee is a good thing. Delicious fairtrade coffee with a cheery message on the packet is even better. Drink up, and get the toast on.
  4. Rockpools at Porthcawl: all the fun of the seaside, with added guddling, splashing, climbing and exploring.
  5. Tea: the love-affair with caffeine continues. I couldn’t take a good “tea” picture at home (the steam kept fogging my lens up) so I’m using this image instead: I took it in the Pettigrew Tea Rooms in Cardiff, and it reminds me of happy afternoons with Earl Grey, Victoria sponge and good friends.
  6. My dad’s home-grown tomatoes in my favourite blue bowl, which came from Cambridge market years ago. It’s odd to choose your bowl based on the vegetables going in it, but there’s something about this colour combination that I find really lovely.
  7. The beach: no further explanation needed, I’m sure, especially if you’ve read this blog before. For a change, this is Porthcawl instead of Penarth.
  8. Cyclamens in the kitchen: a lovely winter flower which reminds me of being back in college, probably because a friend always had one in her room during the autumn and winter. I’ve never managed to grow one outside, but this potted one is doing rather nicely.
  9. My avocado plant, which finally sprouted after four months of careful tending. After this long, and so much inactivity, this really feels like a horticultural victory.

Flowers, beaches and the occasional hot drink: it doesn’t take much to make me happy, does it?


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