The golden hour

After a somewhat tiring and shouty afternoon, I tucked Eoin up in bed and collapsed on the sofa amid the books, toys, puzzles and other assorted detritus of a toddler’s day. I was, to put it mildly, banjaxed, and in desperate need of a short spell of restorative quiet. As I flopped my head back against the sofa cushions, though, I glanced out of the window and saw something which galvanized me into action. A moment later I had grabbed my camera and was racing out into the front garden to photograph the sky:

Now, I understand that sunsets are a bit of a photographic cliché, but this one was just lovely. If anything, the colours were even more intense in reality (I have resisted the temptation to mess with them in Picmonkey this time).

The dramatic lighting lasted for about ten or so minutes before it faded into dusk and then darkness. While it lasted, though, it was really spectacular. Hopefully this golden sky is as much an omen of good weather to come as a red one would have been.


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