Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Although my love of the beach in general and the pier in particular is well-known, I do find the area under the pier to be rather a creepy spot. I’m not sure why: it might be the fact that, in the semi-darkness, one is irresistibly drawn to imagine the rising tide trapping you against metal and rock. Or perhaps it’s just that it can be dank and drippy and a bit over-barnacled? Whatever my personal feelings, though, it’s certain that it gives you a lovely opportunity to take a photo demonstrating perspective:
Click to embiggen: there’s more detail than the default size will let me show.

Near and far, with added barnacles… Just don’t let the tide get too high.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

    • Thank you! This was just taken with the little camera: I could probably have done a better job with the DSLR, but I wasn’t expecting a chance to go off snapping, so I didn’t bring it. Live and learn….

  1. It does make me feel closed in from the top and pressured from the unpredictable force of the waves.

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