Eoin hasn’t quite worked out how to give someone a hug or a kiss yet. Well, perhaps he hasn’t, or perhaps he just prefers to do things his way. He gives you a “love” instead, which consists of knocking his forehead gently (or sometimes not so gently) against yours, and staring deeply into your eyes while his whole face creases up in a smile.

These pictures are a bit blurry (I was stuck with nothing but the iPhone again), but it’s the first time I’ve managed to catch a love on camera.

It could be, of course, that he’s just sooking up to his dad in order to get a share of gooseberry and elderflower cake, but I think we all know he’s not that mercenary. Don’t we?


2 thoughts on “Loves

  1. Ah yes… Elfling was a bit like that. She didn’t kiss, but would offer herself for kisses. Usually her forehead. Frequently in headbutt fashion. Endearing, and ouchy.

    • The difficult ones are when he is so enthusiastic that he goes in really quickly and misses the target: so far, he’s given me a black eye and chipped my tooth through misplaced affection!

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