Somewhat Obsessed

It seems I have something of an obsession with the sea. When we ventured up the coast to Porthcawl last Sunday, Stephen spent most of his time trying to extract me from one rockpool or another, as I determinedly tried to paddle as much as was humanly possible. “What is wrong with you?” he exclaimed in exasperation at one point, “Just because the sea is there, it doesn’t mean you have to get into it every single time!” Reluctantly, I dried myself off and headed for the promenade, but I have to admit he has a point. It’s awfully difficult to see an empty beach with gently lapping waves and not want to roll up your trousers, wade out into the water and gaze happily into the distance.

This morning, I dropped Eoin off for his weekly morning with the childminder, and drove back along the Esplanade. The beach was empty, the clouds and the early morning sunlight were gorgeous, and I couldn’t resist stopping and wandering. Unfortunately, I didn’t have either of my “proper” cameras with me, but I took a couple of snaps on the iPhone, and, luckily, managed to capture at least an idea of how lovely it was.

Golden rosy clouds behind the pier:

Shafts of sunlight over the English coast:

Yachts zipping past in the distance:

I’m awfully lucky to be able to see views like this almost outside my front door, even if they are somewhat evanescent. Just minutes after I headed home, the rain started and everything became rather grey. That doesn’t really matter, though: what matters to me is that I got to see this beautiful morning light, and to potter around on the beach and in the waves for a blissful half-hour, all alone apart from the gulls. Instant happiness.


2 thoughts on “Somewhat Obsessed

  1. Right, that’s it. You’ll have to come and visit me at home next summer! Stephen obviously needs a lesson in beach lolling. Didn’t Edmund Hillary climb Everest ‘because it [was] there’?

    You can plonk me in a rockpool at any age and I’m happy. In fact, I’m quite jealous. Grrrrr.

    • I think he was miffed in part because I was paddling, while he was having to take a turn at restraining Eoin so he didn’t go head-first into one of the deeper pools. The little guy seems to have inherited his mum’s fondness for paddling, though he takes it to the next level: sitting down in the water while fully-clothed and wearing shoes!

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