Two elephants and a door-frame.

It sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn’t it? “What do you get if you cross two elephants with a door-frame?”* It turns out that you get Eoin’s second trip to A&E with his second spectacularly-bloody head-wound of the year. Fortunately, everyone is quite alright now, though a certain participant in the whole adventure is still in the dog-house…
To begin at the beginning: Eoin has two much-adored stuffed elephants who are hugged, sucked-on, dragged around by their back legs, and generally loved to death in the way small boys’ soft toys usually are. They go to bed with him each night, and there have occasionally been pitched battles when he has wanted to take one or both of them into the bath with him. Elijah was knitted by the lovely @dizzysteinway42 from a pattern by Ysolda Teague, and Wilfred (who also came with the name) was a present from one of Eoin’s future godmothers. Ever reliable, the elephants are probably Eoin’s favourite things. Unfortunately, it turns out they don’t mix well with domestic woodwork.

This morning, Eoin was charging around the bedroom at full pelt, Wilfred in one hand, and Elijah in the other, squeaking happily. Evidently deciding that the only way this could get any more fun would be if he started running from room to room, he headed for the door. Then, disaster struck. He dropped Wilfred, tripped over him and, before I could do anything, went head-first into the door-frame. There were a lot of tears, and a lot of blood, so we immediately bundled him into the car and headed for the hospital.

Fortunately, the cut wasn’t too serious, and, by the time we got up to A&E, Eoin was laughing and giggling again. He spent the next hour or so exploring all the wonderful new wheels on the toys in the waiting room, racing about (with me doggedly following), and pausing occasionally to flirt with the medical staff. His wound needed to be stuck back together again (he’s really getting terribly close to having a Harry Potter scar now), but, fortunately there were no concerns that he had a concussion. Far from it, in fact: he proudly showed off his words to the nurse, and energetically escaped the consulting room on more than one occasion in pursuit of a wheel he had spotted on the far side of the waiting area. Given his manifestly robust good health, the nurse advised us that we’d be perfectly safe to let him go for a nap, provided we checked on him every so often.

We’re home now, and Eoin is sleeping peacefully. When I put him down, both the elephants were in bed with him. I have just checked on him now: Elijah is snuggled up in his arms, but Wilfred, the cause of the accident, has been flung disdainfully down to the bottom of the cot, and is clearly in disgrace. Poor Wilfred: it will all be forgiven in time.

*I’m not sure what the punchline would be, but, given the audience, I’m fairly certain it isn’t “The Aristocrats!”.

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