Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This is my “purple” entry: my surprise passion flower, with its splendid purple corona and violet stigmata.

Why was it a surprise? It turns out that a climbing plant in the garden, which I initially thought was a boring old Clematis, is in fact a passiflora caerulea, which automatically makes it far more exciting. When I first saw a passion flower, years ago in Fiesole, I thought it was the most exotic flower I had ever seen (I know: I’m easily pleased). They’re also rather fascinating: having been informed that the parts of the flower symoblise elements of the Crucifixion, I now have an almost irresistible drive to count the petals to check the number of disciples represented (as you can see, it’s ten: Judas and Peter don’t make the cut). Unexpectedly having a vine covered in these lovely blossoms just outside my kitchen window gives my mood a little lift each time I see them.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. I love passion flowers too. You’ve just reminded me. In our old house our neighbour’s passion flower used to grow over the fence into our garden. We used to get all the fruit too as our side faced the sun.

    • There’s quite a bit of fruit on this one already (as yet unripe): Wikipedia, that ever-reliable source of information, tells me it is edible but insipid. What did you think of it?

      • I’m not sure I was ever brave enough to eat it actually. Although apparently the previous occupants of the house used to eat it brazenly in front of the plant’s owner!

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