Eoin’s wheel obsession is pretty well-known by now: if a circular object can be spun or rotated, you can be certain he will find it and spin it until either a bigger, better, shinier wheel comes along or he is reluctantly removed from the area. The boy is a veritable rotamaniac.

Imagine his delight, then, when he realised that the t-shirt he was wearing was absolutely covered in wheels. Of course, he had seen the motorbike design when I dressed him that morning, and there had been much excitement. One doesn’t look down at one’s stomach too often over the course of a normal day, though, and he soon forgot about the printed delights on his top. That is, until he decided to show his tummy off to the room in general…

My friend Eileen captured the moment of delighted recognition when he realised that there were wheels everywhere!

Photographs by Eileen Dye

That gesture he is making in the bottom two pictures, drawing his thumb down his wrist, is his way of saying “wheel” in his own personal sign language. As you might imagine, it’s something we see rather a lot in this house. Plates, buttons, coasters, snails… all are greeted with the “wheel” sign and an interrogating look. I’m not sure how long this obsession will last, but it shows no signs of abating any time soon.


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