Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

I’m lucky enough to have a very lovely camera, which does an awful lot of the work for me when I compose a picture. Unfortunately, my own level of technical ability doesn’t in any way live up to the camera’s capabilities. I have seen some wonderful pictures taken by other photographers, in which they have played with the shutter speed in order convey speed and movement in various ways. In order to avoid a hideous, blurred mess, though, I would have to do some serious studying, and I haven’t managed to install myself in the photography section of the library as yet.

One day, I would love to take a photography course: I’m sure I could improve a great deal if a wiser, and more patient person would sit down with me to talk through what I was doing wrong, and where I might improve. For the moment, though, I’m going to have to let my subject’s ears get the point across for me. Here’s Jasper again, working the fabulous “beagle at speed” look:

Excellent ear action there, Sir!

In the act of catching the bone.

Admittedly, I have used that second picture before, but I couldn’t resist revisiting it for this topic: I’m really pleased I caught the moment where he and the bone were both airborne. I took the gratuitous effects off this time, so you can see the image cropped but otherwise unadulterated.

One day, I’ll be more proficient as a photographer. Until then, though, it’s beagles all the way.



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