Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Well, I failed at “friendship” last week, which would be a pretty tragic thing to type if it were not in the context of the photo challenge. I have been having trouble with this week’s topic too, but I was determined not to let another week pass by un-photographed. Then, this morning, I was watering the seedlings on the kitchen windowsill, and I saw something which I thought made quite a good abstract image. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… my incipient avocado!

It’s suspended by four toothpicks over a pint glass full of water in the traditional fashion. From the side, it’s nothing special, but looking at it closely from above, you see all sorts of weird patterns and reflections created by the tapering of the glass and the contact between the stone/toothpick assemblage and the surface of the water. I’ve piled on the effects to exaggerate this (also to demonstrate the fact that I really should not be allowed to combine photo-editing software with a “can do” attitude). As you can see from the dark line running around the avocado stone, it looks as if it’s close to doing some sprouting, which really excites me: I’ve never managed to sprout one before, and instead have usually ended up with something which resembles a mouldy, misshapen squash ball.

This is almost certainly not the best photo I’ve ever taken (I’m not particularly good at close-ups) but I’m still really pleased I noticed this. It would never have happened if I hadn’t been looking closely.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

    • Apparently so, given enough time: you can see pictures of some very impressive ones on google. They don’t fruit, though, unless you do some complicated grafting stuff and, probably, live somewhere rather a lot hotter than we do. Mostly, it’s a bit of a curiosity and, hopefully, a free houseplant (we left all ours behind in Cambridge). For Eoin, it has already been lunch!

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