Looking up, looking down…



2 thoughts on “Looking up, looking down…

  1. I love how you point out the two different perspectives. Very philosophical ! And remember: the glass is always half full… 😉

    An update on my my career as a knitter: I have done three nice shawls (all from patterns by Maltina on Ravelry) and have now boldly pregressed to SOCKS. I have taken your recommendation from your february sock project and am doing them according to the Silver’s Sock Class (http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/SockClass_Start.htm). After some battles with the four needles that, just as Silver says, seemed to continually poke out an eye or the nose, I am now actually knitting and purling my way along the sock leg. 😀

  2. Does it ruin the illusion of philosophy if I note that it’s a quotation from the children’s television programme, In the Night Garden…? 😉

    I had a peek at your Ravelry projects: the Trillian shawl looks lovely. Do persevere with the socks: you’ll love the moment when you get to turn the heel. It’s like magic! x

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