Required: one belfry

Last night, we made a discovery. Sitting out in the garden after dinner, we spotted a bat flitting about. Then, we noticed another. And another. Eventually, we realised where they were coming from: the back attic of our house. One by one, they slipped out from a gap by the roofline and swooped away into the dusk. We spotted 23 last night, but then we had been caught unawares. Tonight, we were more alert, and the count rose to 56. It looks as if we may have our own bat colony, living somewhere above our heads.

Diligent research on The Bat Conservation Trust website (which rejoices in the URL informed us that the little creatures were unlikely to cause us any problems, or to chew through our electric cables. We are, of course, forbidden to do anything to disturb them or impede their access to the roost, but, after all, why would you want to do that? We are far happier sitting in the garden, watching them go about their batty business.

After a lot of waiting and fruitless pressing of the shutter-release button, I finally managed to catch one of our furry guests on camera. It’s not the world’s best photo, I know, but at least the bat is there and in mid-flight.

I’m heading to bed, secure in the knowledge that our bats are out there, keeping the local insect population in check. It’s only a shame they couldn’t take on a slug or two…


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