Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

A new experiment this week, as I’ve been messing around with the collage function in Picmonkey. I’ve wanted to make a collage for a while, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with HTML code like a serious computer-y type person. Fortunately, there’s now a website out there which will enable me to indulge my picture-combining desires. Here’s my first attempt: three photos of the beach at Cefalù, taken on my honeymoon in 2007.

It was a marvellously hot summer, replete with granita, campari, excellent seafood, wine, afternoons with books under the banyan trees in the Giardino Garibaldi in Palermo, swimming at the Spiaggia Bianca on Lipari. I think these photos manage to capture a little bit of it: I particularly like the one with the two boys enjoying their impromptu game of football.

I’m not sure Eoin is quite ready for a football game, but I’m looking forward to heading down to the beach to enjoy this summer’s sun.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. Don’t know about html for collage code but picmonkey didn’t work for me 😦

    I use my camera software for it (canon and arcsoft photostudio, good enough for my low level aspirations)

    That’s a nice one though, it’s all about getting the balance right for the overall effect to me.

    • I found I could only use Picmonkey in Safari, for some reason. I prefer Firefox, but it just used to refuse to load up. I’ve never actually tried using the camera itself, though I have a Canon too, so it might be worth an experiment!

      I think this time it actually worked out qiute well, as the football photo had a bit of an odd composition in its original form, but the cropping here helped to balance it out. I’m going to keep messing around, provided the website doesn’t start crashing in other browsers…

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