Wasps and buttons

Yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon frantically googling “do wasps die when you hoover them up?”.* Don’t judge me, people: there were four of the blighters, and I did manage to get two humanely out of the door before I had to break Henry the hoover out of his cupboard to deal with the others, who had gone to ground at ceiling level and were refusing to budge. Bear in mind, too, that I have had a hefty case of spheksophobia ever since I was stung on the eyelid as a child: aside from the immense pain, my whole face swelled up, and I was effectively blind for a week. I know I’m biased, but I’d call that a perfectly rational fear.

Somewhere around the time I decided it would be best to put the hoover outside in the garden in case the wasps crawled back out of the nozzle, covered in dust and seeking revenge, I found myself on youtube, looking up jewellery-making tutorials to take my mind off the situation. I was drawn in by this one from Whitney Sews, which looked like it would give rather pretty results, even for someone with very limited jewellery-making skills (i.e. me). After steeling myself to empty the hoover, I went off to reward myself with some 0.4mm jewellery wire and a rummage through the vintage button pick’n’mix in Sewing Birds. Later on, when Eoin had gone for his nap, I pulled out my pliers and jump rings, dug through my own bead and button stash, and started playing around until I came up with an arrangement I liked. The process of stringing the buttons was a little fiddly, as some of them had very narrow holes, but I’m pretty pleased with the end result, especially as a first go:

Here’s a wider view, though the chain is a bit out of focus…

As far as jewellery-making goes, I still need a lot of practice, but I’m looking forward to wearing this when I go to the Penarth Knit and Sew group: it’s pretty much the haberdashery equivalent of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

*The consensus, worryingly, was “perhaps”. This gave but little comfort.


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