Weekly photo challenge: hands

If you’ve ever met the little chap in real life, you may know that Eoin is rather fond of wheels. I say “fond of”, but I suppose I should really say “obsessed with”. Day-to-day life, for Eoin, is pretty much a constant battle to get as close as possible to the largest or most interesting wheel he can find, and then to stay there for as long as possible.

Today, we were in the DIY shop, trying to buy a jigsaw and a workbench. Eoin, typically, managed to find the closest wheel in the entire shop, and then threw the worst hissy-fit I have ever seen when we, inevitably, had to remove him from its vicinity. It was rage on a scale previously undreamed-of: how dare we separate him from this marvellous wheel?

Fortunately, his temper was as short-lived as it was violent, and he had forgiven and forgotten by the time we got home. I had, however, already managed to take a photo of his little hand, reaching out possessively towards the wonderful wheel of his dreams…


7 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: hands

    • Surely not! Noah’s such a well-behaved little chap. I think it’s the addictive influence of the wheels: E can never resist them 😉

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