Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

We’ve had a bit of an upset this weekend, as Eoin has combined hurling himself onto the (stone) floor with some force with a rather dramatic bout of croup, all accompanied by the inevitable fun undercurrent of teething. This means that he got to spend a few of hours enjoying his first taste hospital food and flirting with the nurses in the Paediatric Assessment Unit, but of course meant that we haven’t been focusing on anything but him (egregious pun, naturally, intended).

Fortunately, a dose of steroids and a night in a humidified room seem to have helped a lot: he’s now no longer making the sort of noises that made him sound like the offspring of an owl and a sea-lion, and he actually managed to laugh at my Boris Johnson impression, which shows he’s feeling well enough to endure second-rate comedy politely.

I took advantage of this to sneak out to the garden and try taking some unfocused shots of the slightly Jekyll-ish borders, left by the previous inhabitants.

I really need to practise using the more complicated settings on my camera, as I’m sure I could have managed something better if I had messed with the aperture settings. What I was trying to achieve was a slightly bokeh-ish feel with the flowers in the background and the light filtering through the trees. I’m not quite there yet, clearly, but I’m going to keep trying. Fail better, and all that…



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