La lutte continue

C’est à dire, la lutte contre les limaces et les limaçons.*

Like most of the rest of the country, the Vale of Glamorgan has been spectacularly rain-soaked and windswept over the last couple of weeks, and the damp has been getting into everything, bringing with it its own attendant perils.

Look who I found crawling up the wall of the house:

Marauding mollusc on the masonry

Yesterday, when we went out to a friend’s birthday party, there were two of them on that particular patch of brickwork. When we came back, only a couple of hours later, there were four. As the weather was by now getting apocalyptically bad, I didn’t check back on them, but, given my past luck, it’s entirely possible that their numbers went on increasing at an exponential rate all evening.

Before I went inside, though, I noticed something disturbing. I appreciate that my previous molluscular misadventures may have scarred me, but I swear they were attacking the seal on the window. Call me paranoid, call me delusional, call me a slug-obsessed headcase, but I say it’s only a matter of time before the molluscs find their way back in. Could somebody pass the salt, please?

* “The struggle continues. That’s to say, the struggle against the slugs and the snails”. </show-off>

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