Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I had some trouble with this week’s topic, even though it should have been so straightforward. I tried photographing Eoin with friends, but they refused to pose, and Eoin tried, several times, to chew the lens of the camera. I contemplated a group picture of all my current UFOs together (un-finished objects, or current knitting projects, for the non-knitters among you), but that was just too depressing, as it was pretty much a record of things I haven’t achieved. Nobody wants to see a sad knitter, do they? Any sort of outdoor subject was utterly off-limits, as the weather is foul at the moment: if you’re not being rained off, the quality of the light is too poor to take a good image.

So, I fell back on a staple subject: macro-ish still life, or as macro as I can manage with my current lens: two sunflowers growing together from the same stem.

Sunflowers are wonderfully cheering things, and these two have been brightening my kitchen for the last few days. I can only hope that the real sun can take a hint and show itself before too long. Sunflowers and sunlight together really would be a winning combination.


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