Weekly photo challenge: Sun

It the moment, the sun is only putting sporadic appearances in in Penarth. Eoin and I are spending most of our time dodging between showers, ready to whip our coats on or off at a moment’s notice as the weather changes from summery to wintry and back again. I’m not confident in the likelihood of a good “sun” subject turning up any time soon, but at least this does give me a chance to share an image of one of my favourite places near our old home.

This is the river at Anglesey Abbey, just by the Lode Mill. It’s a lovely spot for dappled shade and sudden shafts of sunlight: on one side of the river, you are in a fairly thickly wooded area, but on the other, it is much more open. On a bright day, you can see some really beautiful patterns of light and shade.

We used to visit Anglesey Abbey a lot: Eoin even went there once, snugly tucked up in his sling. As happy as we are in Cardiff, I do miss Cambridge badly. If you’re ever in the area, do visit Anglesey Abbey and spend some time wandering by the river. It’s a beautiful place, particularly on a sunny day.

6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Sun

    • Thanks! I’d love to have a chance to go back and see if I could improve on the framing, but we’re a bit far away at the moment…

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