Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that we have a genuine contender for the title of “Eoin’s First Word”, leaving aside, of course, all the Quenya, Euskara and random vocalisations he has already been coming out with.

Yesterday, we were having tea together, and watching the birds in the garden. There was a huge gull swooping around, and I pointed it out to Eoin, saying something terribly mundane like, “Oh, look at the big seagull”. I was still watching it when, moments later, a small voice behind me earnestly corroborated, “Ee-gull!”

Are you talking about me? Well, I don't see any other gulls here...

Of course, he has steadfastly refused to say it again (apparently I was just the same with my first word), but the dam has now been breached, and logorrhoea cannot be far away. I’m a little surprised by my reaction, though. My first thought genuinely was, “What does he mean, ‘eagle’? I mean, it’s big, but any fool can see that’s a sea-bird…”. Perhaps I expect too much?


4 thoughts on “Verbal

  1. We were at Roath Park last week, pointing out the ‘ducks and’ ‘swans’ to Seren. I was wondering about that degree of specificity and whether we should just stick with ‘birdie’ for now. Then we overhear a woman with a similarly aged child pointing out ‘grebe’ to her charge. It’s clearly time to get the Observer Book of Birds out….

    • There was a little girl in Cosmeston pointing out the “mallards” to her mum: I was impressed!
      I’ve also been corrected by a small child, although this time in the context of tank engines. Me: “Look at the engine!” Child, scornfully: “*That* is *Spencer*.” Spencer wasn’t around when I was at the tank engine stage…

  2. Seagull is a brilliant first word! Much better than that boring ‘mammy’ and ‘daddy’ nonsense. Also, now you can buy him ornithologically-themed presents for the rest of time; makes planning much easier.

    • My mum is sceptical as to whether or not it actually happened, but, as I pointed out, why in the world would you imagine him saying “seagull”? “Mammy”, yes, but “seagull”… You couldn’t, in fact, make it up!

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