Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

If you’ve read this blog before, you may be aware of my slight obsession with utility china and teapots, particularly the kind that don’t have slugs lurking in the bottom. As you can imagine, one of my first acts on acquiring a new kitchen was lovingly to arrange the burgeoning collection in its own dedicated cupboard. Well, I say “arrange”. Those of you with more artistic or domestic ability would probably say “plonk”, or even “cram”. If you were being particularly kind. you might go as far as “stack”.

To me, though, it’s still an arrangement. It’s a very heteroclite collection: very little of the china actually matches. It’s a jumble of styles, colours, makes, shapes. Somehow, still, it all manages to coordinate. And it gives me immense pleasure to see it sitting there, glowing with pastelly gorgeousness, and the promise of tea and cake to come.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. I am super jealous of your utility china! In the states our closest version is Lu-Ray lustreware, of which I have just a few green serving pieces. Although I have also found some butter-yellow pieces, both vintage and modern, and a few vintage robins-egg-blue dessert plates and saucers.

    I also have coral pink-coated, yellow-coated, and turquoise-coated milk glass, as well as plenty of plain white milk glass along with a few choice pieces of jadite and azurite. I think I am just as addicted as you.

    • Wow – I just had a quick look around on Google, and the Lu-Ray china is lovely! I’m rather jealous of the milk glass: we don’t seem to get that very much over here, but I’ve seen lovely examples on blogs from the US. Take care of that collection!

  2. I was very privileged to enjoy tea from one of those beautiful cups, and some delicious “biscuit cake” from one of the plates – it was delightful 🙂

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