Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

As we’re still in a slightly messy state here, I’ve taken the liberty of having a trawl through the archives again. I don’t feel too guilty, though, as this is one of my favourite pictures from the early days of the late, much-lamented First DSLR, which I subsequently managed to kill in spectacular fashion.

It’s a glimpse of the sunny Oltrarno through the columns of the Uffizi Gallery portico, one bright, cold day in February 2005. It may have been the day that I was proposed to, or that may have come later. Either way, it’s a reminder of a lovely time in one of my favourite cities.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. I’m really glad to have you back – back online. It was rather disconcerting not to be able to fiinish my daily internet newsreading time with your blog – saving the best for last, as I told you.
    By the way, I am moving myself this week. Come Saturday, my home will be in Bonn where I will share a flat with that friend for whom I cooked your Sicilian pasta recipe (I have made it again a couple of times since and really like it) and who with capable hands made short bread in December according to your grandmother’s recipe.

    Bis bald,

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