Trees in mist, St David’s Day

Eoin and I woke up to a rather eerie scene this morning: a mist-filled street with not a sniff of a festive daffodil to be seen:

We could only just see the houses across the road, and everything was a very un-spring-like monchrome.

Fortunately, things were so dim and dreich that I don’t think anybody noticed me sneaking out with the camera, still in my pyjamas and slippers.

At least, I certainly hope they didn’t.


4 thoughts on “Trees in mist, St David’s Day

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I shall be able to wish my South Walian partner HStDDay when he comes in tonight and he won’t even have realised what day it is:) – unless that was why he had a strange cravings for leeks yesterday at the supermarket??

  2. The nicest little comedy photo story!
    I never dreamt I might smile at the sight of pictures of a fogscape, but I did! 🙂

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