Don’t talk too loud: everyone will want one.

So, last night, Stephen and I conducted our regular kitchen-based gastropod-removal session. What else would a happy couple do after a good dinner? Two of the blighters were removed, although I should point out that the second one was the size of a small banana, and therefore technically counted as three slugs all by itself.*

Having cleaned everything up, we rewarded ourselves with a well-earned beer. I finished mine, and was taking the bottle out to the recycling box, when I remembered Stephen had said he fancied a second one, so I asked if he wanted it fetching.

Without thinking, he replied immediately, “Not yet, thanks, there’s still a wee slug left in this one”.

They’re invading every corner of our lives, I tell you! Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be safe when we get to the new house. Either that, or we’ll have to find ourselves a tame hedgehog and a very large pot of salt.

*Honestly, you should have seen it. It was *this* big! I’m not exaggerating… Well, not much.

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