Utility houses?

Apologies for the slightly odd composition: I was trying to cut out a rather un-pastel and un-Georgian van which was parked just in front me. A better photographer could have done it, I’m sure…

Clearly I must move to Cowbridge, for the very cogent reason that the houses match my plates. If I owned them all, I could open up a cake-and-yarn-themed guest house, where people could eat buns, drink tea and knit while Eoin bounced endearingly off their ankles.

The plan may be hampered by two things. A: I can’t afford five Georgian houses in the heart of a very desirable market-town. I can’t even afford five pre-fab sheds in an undesirable area of Cardiff. B: the current occupants show no desire to sell, and may object to the ankle-bouncing.

I wonder if I’d get away with painting the new house a different colour? This is one of my favourite houses in our village (I tried, but I really couldn’t cut the car out this time):







.It has a rose-pink door, and a topiary peacock! The peacock is wearing a crown! Seriously, if this is your house: I salute you. I might be able get over the loss of my yarn-and-cake guesthouse if the the new place looked like this. Time to get out the shears and the paintbrush…


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