Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I know: it’s a cabbage. My husband said the same thing, over and over, when I showed him a dozen different pictures of the same subject. It’s a cabbage.

It is, however, also a manifestation of regret. Look at how dry the outer leaf is, and how it tore off, raggedly, when I tried to tidy it up. See the little shrivelled patch on the top? The flattened spot on the left side, where it has clearly lain on the same surface for some time?

This cabbage arrived in a vegetable box two weeks ago, and I have conspicuously failed to use it. I just can’t think what to do with it; every time I open the fridge door, it stares reproachfully at me. “Come on!” it says, “You hate wasting food! Do something: shred me, chop me, casserole me, turn me into coleslaw… Anything!”

It’s still there.

I don’t know if I regret the fact that the poor cabbage turned up on my doorstep in the first place, or that I can’t seem to think of how to deal with it, but I have do something with it soon, or regret is going to turn into guilt. Maybe I could cook it with blood-orange juice and spices: the inside leaves are still good. All I know is, I don’t need any more brassica-based regret in my life.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. You need to make Cabbage Thing. Cabbage Thing is a HUGE favourite round our way – Chris adores it – it’s a recipe I discovered here: Thus Spake Zuska.

    As far as I can work out, she means pasta when she says noodles, but actually I usually leave it out and just have the cabbage and bacon part with whatever other veg is lying around – it’s particularly good with sweet potato but thin sliced red pepper works well, as do carrots and/or leeks.

  2. You could try my mum’s red coleslaw, with shredded red cabbage, red grapes, red apple… – you get the theme… :-).
    Of course, Mum has to adapt it more when I’m home and omit the evil that is celery and the ickiness of raisins/currants.
    She also has a green one, with white cabbage, green grapes, green apple, sultanas, etc.

  3. Both sound great, but I think that, given the freezing weather, I’m inclining towards Cabbage Thing. I’m not sure I can do salad when the temperature is in single figures!

    The cabbage is still in the fridge this morning (we had purple sprouting broccoli instead), and it gave me a sad and reproachful look as I went to get the milk just now…

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