Still my favourite Welsh word ever, hands down. Clearly Chapter agree with me.


2 thoughts on “Cwtch

  1. Is that in your house? By the way, you may be pleased to learn that I may now rightfully call myself a knitter, if still a beginner. The purple scarf is growing daily and might be finished in two weeks perhaps. More scarf projects already planned. I joined Ravelry (SophieStrickviel is my name there) and am amazed at the abundance of beautiful things that can be done by knitting alone. Also, I thought of you during my second visit to the wool shop: there it was, a sort of pulling ache I had never felt before – the hitherto unknown and nearly uncontrollable urge to buy more and more yarn !! It’s all so beautiful, right? And you never know when that pink kidsilk haze might come to pass, do you? The fact that I hadn’t the faintest idea what it might be good for nor that they were selling 25g of it at 13 Euros all of a sudden seemed to lose all significance. The subtitle of your blog “at home with (…) far too much yarn” popped up on my mind’s screen and a screensaver with the words: “Now I know what she’s talking about!” started patrolling my consciousness.

    A big cwtch from Wuppertal!

  2. Sadly, it’s not my house, but it is a very lovely place: the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton. There’s even a yarn shop a few minutes down the road: what could be better? I’m so pleased to hear the knitting is going well. If you are ever in Bavaria, you must get yourself to Pfaffenhofen, where the most wonderful and sought-after German yarn can be found: Wollmeise!

    Oh, and to find a use for your kidsilk haze, do any of these appeal: I’ve made the Wisp, and it’s very pretty. You can make it from one ball, too, which is handy!

    L x

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