Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

This week’s challenge really suggested movement to me. I was imagining “Ready, steady, go!”: sprinters springing from blocks, divers plunging into water and copious use of the faster shutter settings on my camera. As I didn’t have any access to sporting events, though, I fell back on a walk around Cosmeston in the hopes of finding a wildlife subject with plenty of movement and spring.

However, today was also Eoin’s birthday, which meant we spent a great deal of our time holding him back as he tried to dive bodily into one cake after another. This was altogether another sort of readiness, namely readiness to stuff oneself as thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

As such, I have a serious offering and a slightly more silly one. To begin with the serious subject, in Cosmeston, we found a beautiful tufted duck who was ready to dive:

Going, going...

A moment later, in he went:


I couldn’t believe I managed to catch the splash. Thank goodness I had been ready too!

On a sillier note, here’s Eoin with his final cake of the day: look at that determined expression in his eyes. That’s a boy who is ready for his birthday sugar overdose:

I want! I want! (with apologies to William Blake)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

    • We have a video where he does the proper comedy thing with cake: we give him a piece, he breaks off a small bit, looks at at and then stuffs the rest in his mouth! Good boy…

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