This really has to stop…

Since discovering a huge cache of utility china earlier in the week, I have been motivated to go on a bit of a hunt through the local charity shops in the hopes of turning up some other exciting finds. Sadly, the elusive pink colourway has proved to be, well, elusive. If anybody sees any rosy-coloured Woods Ware, Johnson Bros, Grindley or Meakin hanging around the Vale of Glamorgan, do let me know: I can pay you in cake. Good cake, mind you, not that rotten old dry stuff.

However, although my hunt for pink teacups may have proved fruitless, St Mary’s Street did provide these pastel-coloured beauties:

A Johnson Brothers serving dish in Greydawn, a Grindley breakfast cup in Petalware Lupin (sadly missing its saucer, but never mind: I have spares, remember), and a rather fabulous deco-ish sugar bowl from Empire Porcelain. Some mint green Pyrex Sprayware bowls also found their way into the bottom of Eoin’s pushchair: they were just too pretty to resist at £1.20. And Pyrex is practical! Honest!

The real triumph, though, came this afternoon in Barry. Now, this is not Utility China. It’s basically the complete opposite: Frivolous China? Fanciful China? I think the one thing we can all agree on is that this is Fabulous China:

Three tea-plates in Swinnerton’s “Springtime”, a gorgeous 1950s design which features a love story between a man and a woman who are brought together by her unruly poodle. Lady walks dog, dog escapes, man finds dog, returns him to lady… It ends up with the happy couple having coffee together in the centre of the plate:

I found the three plates in a house-clearance shop, was utterly seduced by the design, and ended up paying the princely sum of £1 for the lot. 33.333p each for a piece of 1950s goregousness? I think so!

Honestly, the crockery-madness is going to stop soon. Just as soon as I’ve made it to the Bessemer Road market: one more fix is all I need…

2 thoughts on “This really has to stop…

  1. While I like the utility china, I LOVE the springtime plate! I’m going to have to start haunting some charity shops to see what I can find, but annoyingly I think too many people do that in Surrey and make the exciting discoveries first. I’ll have to remember to pop in to some shops next time I’m out of London. Saying that, I did pick up some lovely Bacchus platters by kiln craft in the local oxfam, I love them but Paul is not a fan.

    • The Springtime plate is utterly fabulous, isn’t it? Paul will understand, I’m sure…

      Either that, or you’ll both just have to come up for a visit…

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