Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

I had some trouble with the topic this week, as, at first, all I could think of as images for “hope” were terribly trite: green shoots popping out of the ground, rainbows, pregnant tummies… When inspiration was ebbing particularly low, you narrowly escaped being treated to a shot of me at 8 months pregnant, modelling my recently-completed February Lady cardigan. Fortunately, reason intervened: aside from being a dull image, it was mainly taken to showcase the knitwear, and, as such, my head has been cut off. I don’t know what says “hope” to you, but I’m betting it’s not a headless, bumpy woman in an oversized cardigan.

Yesterday, we took Eoin to Foxy’s Deli for lunch, and I brought my camera along in case the opportunity for a better photo presented itself. We weren’t disappointed.

Two extremely cute spaniels were patiently waiting outside the deli as their owner had a coffee inside. They were very well-behaved, but they were clearly desperately hoping that their human was going to come back out again soon, please, because it’s really getting quite lonely out here, and there are balls to be chased, you know? Come on, mum: time’s a-wasting here! Every time the door opened, their heads snapped round in unison, and they peered intently through the door. Maybe this time they’d be off?

No, not this time? Ah, well. Here’s hoping…

I also have a semi-gratuitous Eoin picture to add, partly because he’s just so darned cute, and partly because of the subtext:

Eoin hopes that you might give him your lunch too. Please?


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