When Auntie Máiréad came to visit, she brought a special present for Eoin.

I suspect Benson is destined to spend much of his future being dragged around by one leg behind a small boy, which is pretty much exactly how a teddy bear should be treated. If you’re not slightly balding with a bent ear and a mysterious sticky patch, there’s something wrong.


2 thoughts on “Benson

  1. Lovely, very bear-like bear! Makes me wish he was for me. Be sure to tell Benson of his famous ancestor, as soon as he starts wondering if “there is eally another way (of coming downstairs), if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it”. But perhaps you will be busy telling stories about him, because, like his famous relative he is “that sort of bear”?

    xx B.

  2. I was going to quote Winnie the Pooh: the “stairs” passage! I am sure that Benson will be dragged behind Eoin in much the same manner: a teddy’s role is really to be dragged downstairs (or around the garden, etc…) on the back of their head, isn’t it? Eoin is very smitten, anyway: I agree that I now quite want a Benson of my own!

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