These things I (now) know: in which I learn lessons so you don’t have to.

I used to have a terrible relationship with my sewing machine (a blameless Janome): threads would tangle and snap, the tension seemed unfixable, and it generally lurked in the spare room, gathering dust and staring accusingly at me as I pretended not to know it was there.

Suddenly, all is well, and the machine sews like a dream. What miracle has been worked here? Have I suddenly become a mechanical genius? A sewing machine savant? No, no…

I read the manual again, properly this time, and this was followed by a head/desk interface of epic proportions. To think I had been seriously contemplating trading in my “irreparably broken” machine! What a fool I was…

Repeat after me: I will always thread my sewing machine with the presser foot up. Up! Your life will be so much better, I promise.

Coming soon: I learn to stop pushing on doors marked “PULL”, and other life-lessons.




2 thoughts on “These things I (now) know: in which I learn lessons so you don’t have to.

  1. Oh, Lorna, you make my heart sing. I love the way you confess the things I merely berate myself for 🙂 But learning to stop pushing doors marked “pull” (and vice versa)? I suspect that life is too short! I do miss having you and Eoin drop in when I’m at the bookshop.

    • Well, we miss you, the bookshop and Cambridge! Please do give everyone a big virtual hug from both of us.

      Maybe I shouldn’t confess these things, but I’m really no good at maintaining an aura of mystique and poise!

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