Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Taking the opportunity offered by a sleeping baby, an amenable husband and a beautiful clear morning, I headed out on my own to try to find a subject for this week’s challenge. Wandering down to the seafront, I said hello to a passing pug, and indulged in a spot of beachcombing. Things could only have improved upon if I had remembered to bring a flask of tea and something nibbleish.

I found a lot of boats which were waiting to launch:

Boats under wraps at the Penarth Yacht Club

I spotted a ship which was already well on its way:

Fishermen watching a passing cargo-ship

Suddenly, I thought I going to strike photo-challenge gold. There was a lot of activity around the lifeboat shed: doors were opened, gates to the slipway were unlocked… Surely an amazing close-up view of a lifeboat launch was on the cards! However, although I hung around patiently for some time, the boat stayed resolutely under cover, and the lifeboatmen eventually settled in with cups of tea. On balance, this was a good thing: I may not have got my photo, but at least nobody needed a lifeboat, which has to be the better outcome.

I walked home in the sun with my pockets full of sea glass, and Eoin woke up just as the kettle was boiling.


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