Counteracting the influence of physics


“Now, Eoin, Mammy is doing something called ‘projecting’. It’s nothing for you to worry about. Oh, look: here’s a children’s edition of Oliver Twist! You could try reading that, you know…”


2 thoughts on “Counteracting the influence of physics

  1. Great picture, absolutely lovely! You seem to have a special gift of finding these hilarious shirts with mottos on them.
    With regard to the great CD, I must say that I have been amiss in filling this “Bildungslücke” (no good catchy idiom for this in English) completely. Although I read Oliver Twist and David Copperfield as a child (and really liked them!) and listened to the beginning of the audiobook of Our Mutual Friend comparately recently, I failed to continue reading Great Expectations after only a few pages. I am ashamed to admit that this particular novel simply doesn’t seem to capture my interest. Likewise the Pickwick Papers. I am more that willing to give his works another chance, though. Do you have an advice as to which of his works to start with?

    PS. I received an unusual recipe book in the mail today which I am going to tell you about later.

    • I can’t take credit for this suit: it was a present from a friend with very good taste!

      My favourite novel by Dickens is probably Bleak House: it has an unusual structure and some fabulously dark elements. It also features one of the first professional detectives in literature! If you can find it, the recent BBC dramatisation is also worth seeing. Do give Great Expectations another try, though: it’s worth the effort!

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