The Top Ten at Ten

Eoin is ten months old today, and in celebration of that fact, I thought he deserved another post devoted exclusively to him. I can’t believe how grown up he is. He has changed so much in the last few months: every few days, it seems he has managed to learn a new skill or pick up a new habit. Some of the things he loved from his first weeks are still firm favourites, though. In honour of him having managed to reach the ripe old age of 43.5 weeks (thanks, Google), here’s his own personal Top Ten: the odd numbers are new entries, and the non-movers are even.

  1. Hiding. It was only a few days ago that I realised he had got the hang of this, as he kept ducking under blankets and behind cushions, giggling, and then popping out again. I’m sure this means something from a developmental point of view, but we both just think it’s excellent fun
  2. His first rattle: to the untrained eye, it’s really nothing special. My mum picked it up for him in the local paper shop for pennies, and gave it to me as a stocking filler last Christmas. Eoin, however, has thought it was the best thing since sliced bread from the first few weeks. It has been chewed, shaken and even used as the accompaniment to an a cappella version of “We will rock you” on more than one occasion.
  3. Standing up in the baby walker: the health visitor was in fits over this, as apparently baby walkers are bad for development. Eoin, however, disagrees: lightly used, the walker aids in the development of exploration, guddling, furtling and generally being nosy. All very important skills, as any baby knows!
  4. Being bounced around while an obliging parent sings the theme from The Third Man. Over and over again. He may be a closet zither fan, or maybe he’s planning his own black market penicillin racket. Either way, we are now experts in the Harry Lime theme. Altogether now: “Doo de doo de doo, de doo…”
  5. Riding in trolleys: I’ve only just felt able to trust his balance in those little folding seats, but, boy, do we love getting whirled around the aisles!
  6. His Ladybird number book, which has a well-nigh magical ability to calm him down in all but the worst of cases. He’s evidently a mathematician at heart.
  7. His dad’s spaghetti Bolognese: he enjoyed it so much he was actually vibrating in his high-chair. I mean, it’s good Bolognese, but that’s a pretty strong reaction!
  8. Aside from the Frank and Walters, and Queen as noted above, another of his very favourite songs would be this one:
    It’s pretty macabre, but he finds it fascinating. I should perhaps explain that, in the early days, I would sing a lot to him to try to calm him down, and the songs I could remember off by heart were a pretty heteroclite collection. This is one which my dad used to play when I was little: it surfaced from a deep well of memory one wakeful night, and Eoin loved it. Film noir and murdered husbands: he’s an odd little chap…
  9. A new passion, as of yesterday: chocolate. This one is actually not my fault: the teacher gave out chocolate buttons in baby signing class, and, for Eoin, it was infatuation at first bite. Keeping him on a healthy diet is going to take some work, isn’t it?
  10. Last, but by no means least: cwtches. He’s always loved them, but they’re even better now that we know the proper word.

Happy 10-month-birthday, little sausage!


4 thoughts on “The Top Ten at Ten

  1. Goodness but he’s grown up! When does he start uni? It looks like *minutes*, at this rate, before you’re forcing special offer kettles on him and launching him out of the door with a copy of Nosh For Students. I’ll buy him a Gap Yaar Guide for Festivus 😀

    • That’s evidently what the bloggers want these days. Be thankful its not some sort of animated GIF. I don’t judge you, I promise!

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